Free hack tool for 1815. 1815 Cannon Defense Waterloo Fight as a canoneer at the battle of Waterloo. The Battle of Waterloo is painstakingly recreated with original uniforms, maps and weapons. Full 3D Gameplay with hundreds of enemies across 7 levels Fun physics system with explosions and ragdoll physics. Upgrade your cannon – Get upgrades, health packs, mortar support and a telescope to help you in battle. Add the Battle of Borodino level pack with a paid upgrade for even more fun. Bite sized exciting historical arcade gameplay. Play as either the British or French, with the Prussians arriving later as always. Watch as cute Toy Solder style characters go flying through the air. Time for Action Napoleon has returned from Elba, what is the greatest general the world has ever known to do. Well of course, form an army within a month of his return to France he has 200,000 men at his command. The French Army marches north so Napoleon can face his Waterloo. The action is spread over four locations: La Haie, the orchard of Hougoumont, Frichermont and Papelotte. You’ll be aiming your cannon at soldiers, other cannons and cavalry*. With the chaos you’ll cause, you just might save the day. 1815 Cannon Defense Waterloo is an unusual tower defense game that features a front-view, 3D perspective. Roll your cannon from left to right, forward and back as you aim and mow down the enemy. Cannon Defense Waterloo uses ragdoll physics and has plenty of explosions. Choose to play as the French or the British. Keep your aim steady and see if the Napoleon can rise again or if La Belle Alliance will prevail. * Only fully trained stunt horses are used in the making of this game

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