Get currency or any other in-app purchase for 1863 for free. Special Battle of Gettysburg Edition of Cannon Shooter To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg we have created a special addition of Cannon Shooter. Two special Gettysburg levels Gettysburg: Pickett’s Charge Gettysburg: Little Round Top New Controls added There is a new default joystick that will appear wherever you touch the left half of the screen. There is also the option of a D-Pad and the old style Joystick/Thumbstick, you can switch between all the control methods via the supplies->settings screen during gameplay. Full 3D Gameplay with hundreds of enemies across 6 levels Fun physics system with explosions and ragdoll physics. Upgrade your cannon – Get upgrades, health packs, mortar support and a telescope to help you in battle Bite sized exciting historical arcade gameplay Play as either Union or Confederate Cute Toy Solder style characters. Don the Blue or the Grey and get ready for Cannon Shooter: American Civil War. Defend your outpost against waves of oncoming soldiers in this challenging and unique tower defense game. Rebel Yell The South has seceded from the Union, and The War Between the States is raging. You’re in charge of a high-tech (for the 1860s, that is) fast-loading cannon. Your job is to take out the enemy as they charge Pickett-style over the hills. The action is spread over seven locations: The Mine, Cross Keys, the Harbor, and Fort Sumter. You’ll be aiming your cannon at soldiers, other cannons, cavalry*, and boats. With the chaos you’ll cause, you just might save the day. Choose to play as the Union or the Confederacy. Keep your aim steady and see if the South Shall Rise Again or if the Union Shall Be Preserved. Imagine yourself General E. Lee or Abraham Lincoln, fire you super fun cannon, upgrade to get ammo, a telescope and more in this exciting 3D mobile phone game with console level graphics. * Only fully trained stunt horses are used in the making of this game

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