Agile Archer Target

Unlock unlimited in-app purchase for Agile Archer Target. Do you like archery? Are you a fan of Robin Hood? If yes, you are at the right place. Agile Archer Target is a 3D iOS archery game in first-person aim-and-shoot perspective, which is built for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. In this game, you compete with players all over the world in 18 distances. You hold your iOS device, touch and slide the handle to draw the bow, then tilt your iOS device from left to right, top to bottom to aim at the target. When you are comfortable with your aiming, release the handle to release the arrow, watching the arrow flying and hitting the target. Enjoy the applause from audience and be proud of yourself when you do great. On the other hand, you can always enjoy the details of archery, i.e., drawing the bow, watching the flying arrow, etc. Features: 1. 3D simulation of archery. 2. Play with 18 different levels. 3. Live audience in each play. 4. Follow flying arrow in real time and watch its every movement in details. 5. Watch in detail the moment when flying arrow hits the target. 6. Get live feedback from audience. 7. Compete with real people in real world. 8. Leaderboard showing your rank for current day, current week, all time. 9. Four challenging weathers to play with (In-App purchase feature). 10. Challenge your friend or anyone in the world for a specific score or achievement(iOS 6 required). 11. You can purchase special arrows if you need help. 12. User friendly interface for archery. 13. Game Center integration. 14. Design for mobile use.

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