AirTycoon Online.

Our free tool for hacking AirTycoon Online. is finaly available. #1 App in South Korea and Hong Kong. #1 Roleplaying game in Germany, Swiss, Norway, and etc. – Paid version Welcome to Air Tycoon Online! – Authentic turn based airline management simulation game. Play and compete with worldwide users. Build and manage worldwide airline with detailed statistic management support! Now, passengers in the world are ready to on board to your airline! This free version provides 20 initial credits (50 for a paid version) and only one ID registration. After playing with a free version, If you buy a paid version and login with the same ID, you can get 30 credit differences. Air Tycoon has proudly come back with online multiplayer game! Play & compete with your any iOS mobile device with worldwide players Fully optimized for iPhone 5’s wide screen display Compatible devices include above iPhone 4, iPod (4th generation) AirTycoon Online is a turn based online multiplayer game, and it has a different turn system from previous AirTycoon series. Because every players in the same channel should be in the same timeline and synchronized, each turn is passing every 2 hours, even if you are in sleep. We hope your kind understanding. GAME FEATURES : – Online multiplayer game through Internet connection – 2 hours real time turn based game – Include 138 real airplane models and 460 airports world wide – Diversified airport and route management – Upgradable airplanes and aiports – Buy and sell used airplanes – Detailed and various type of map – Management of passenger and cargo routes – Historical real time background – Internal leader board – Communication with other players Attention – Internet connection should be required for play by WiFi or cellular network. Game Tips * Keep lower than 30% of lease planes. * Open a new route at high business/tour level and less(or no) competitive cities. * Keep maximize advertisement and service investment. * Keep lower level of salary as they are satisfied. * Keep the airplane operating at maximum. * Make schedules as the same as ‘Available schedule by Planes’. * Adjust airfares always. – Raise the fare when the occupancy is 100%. – Down the fare when the occupancy is lower than 70% * Do not be obsessed on your existing routes. – Close the route resolutely which has many competitors and do not earn money. – Find a new undeveloped golden route constantly. * Minimize Cost – Minimize office, counters – Minimize unused slots – Use fuel tank and buy fuel by wholesale * Maximize profit – Run a maintenance depot and lounge on your hub airports (not all airports). You can save 30% of maintenance cost and increase the business and first class passengers (An airport having many routes is a hub airport.) * Follow leading companies. – Look at high ranker’s most profitable routes, and open a new route there. Don’t miss our other management simulation games. – Hotel Tycoon 2 (Upgraded version of Hotel Tycoon) – Touch Traffic HD (Brilliant traffic control game) – Cruise Tycoon (Cruise liner management game) – Air Tycoon 2 (Airline management game) – Air Tycoon (Airline management game) – Hotel Tycoon (Hotel chains management game) Feel free contact us when you have any question, opinion or any help about our games(not recommend visit our website) * Messanger in Air Tycoon Online * Email : [email protected] * twitter : * facebook :

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How to use general AirTycoon Online. hack generator

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