Arabic English Word Game 1

It’s free and it works. Get today our hack tool for Arabic English Word Game 1. ARABIC ENGLISH WORD GAME 1, Version 2.0.2 NEW REDUCED PRICE FAMILY FRIENDLY GAME FOR LEARNING ARABIC AND ENGLISH VOCABULARY Many Arab parents would like to teach their children English as a second language. On the other hand, Arab immigrants to Western countries, worry about teaching Arabic to their children. This innovative, dual language, educational game, is ideal for second language learners. It teaches everyday words in a fun, interactive way with the help of digital Flashcards, and multiple Educational Games. Students will learn to understand, speak, read, and spell 50 Arabic and English words quickly, easily, and permanently. Topics in Game 1, include: Fruits, Vegetables, Farm Animals, Shapes, Colors, Clothes, Food, etc. Yes! We are confident. With this vocabulary game children will quickly lose their fear of learning a second language. Kids and parents will have fun, learn more, learn faster, and remember the material for longer, with less effort. FIVE VOCABULARY GAME FEATURES 1. SELECTION OF WORDS IS SUITABLE FOR AGES 4 AND UP Each game in the series covers one themetopic from everyday life, such as, A Visit to the Farm, Shapes, Colors, Places, Household Objects, Clothes, etc. 2. PROVIDES A SAFE LEARNING SPACE FOR YOUR CHILD No advertising! No internet required. Parents can relax! Active links to carefully selected websites or social media networks are protected by Parental Gates. 3. FAMILY FRIENDLY LEARNING ACTIVITIES Kids can play this game by themselves, or with older siblings, and friends. But they will also enjoy adults talking to them about the lesson. Adult participation supports schoolwork and promotes parentchild bonding. 4. LEARN OR PRACTICE ANYTIME, ANYWHERE With this Educational App the classroom is always at the students fingertips. Learn in the car. Practice on the couch. 5. LEARN AND TEST MODES Children can play the game in one of two modes. In Learn mode you can take as much time as needed. In the more challenging Test mode you have limited time to complete the game. TEACHING METHOD: LEARN 50 WORDS IN 5 STEPS STEP 1. INTERACTIVE FLASHCARDS QUICKLY EXPLAIN ARABICENGLISH WORDS Flashcards use images, text, and sound to help learn new words. Instead of simply reading from a dictionary, the brain gets stimulated by different learning activities. STEP 2. READING GAME MAKES LEARNING TO READ FUN amp EASY Innovative learning approach encourages young children to read English amp Arabic words through playful activities. STEP 3. LISTENING GAME ENCOURAGES CORRECT PRONUNCIATION Students can listen to over two hundred Arabic amp English audio clips for pronunciation, listening, and speaking practice. The Tap to Listen icon allows students to hear crystal clear audio with a convenience that is impossible with print books and DVDs. STEP 4. SPELLING GAME MAKES LEARNING TO SPELL ENJOYABLE This interactive tool ensures that kids will learn to spell faster, and remember longer. Do not delay! Upgrade to the best. Download now!

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