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Unlock Angel Legacy Wings for free today with our hack tool for Arcane Online – Best 2D MMORPG. Arcane Online is a new heroic fantasy MMORPG perfected for mobile devices. Immerse yourself in a world of magic filled with thousands of other players, monsters, and characters. Can you discover the secrets of the Spirits and vanquish the evil spreading across Eldine? EMBARK ON A EPIC JOURNEY WITH THOUSANDS OF PLAYERS Enjoy a true realtime massively multiplayer MMO experience on mobile devices! Explore a vast open world set in a medieval dark fantasy MMORPG universe. Follow the quest line to quickly reach the level cap and enjoy endgame contents. Can you reach the max level 80? CHOOSE AND CUSTOMIZE YOUR HERO Choose from 4 character classes: Mage, Shaman, Warrior or Archer. Level up your preferred skills, and reach the max level! Craft your legendary gear, avatars and gems to customize your character. BE PART OF AN ONLINE RPG COMMUNITY Join dedicated servers for your region and language. Chat with other online players. Meet and party up with Friends, or Make enemies. Create or join a Guild and lead it to the top! Trade in the Auction House. RAID DUNGEONS AND FIGHT EPIC BOSSES PVE Go solo or group with up to 3 other players for Epic, Hell and Survival PvE Dungeons. Battle and loot massive Raid Bosses. Survive in the Temple of Trials or wipe the Giants and steal their loot. Join a raid to take down the 4 challenging World Bosses and get your Relic Wings! Climb the Hall of Fame and earn unique Titles! SHOW YOUR SKILLS IN PLAYER VS PLAYER PVP COMBAT Challenge other players to realtime PvP Duels or climb the PvP Arena leaderboard. Join the weekly 20vs20 Guild battles: Dominion Wars Aeon of Strife MOBA style! Capture the flag in 3vs3 Battlegrounds! Declare Guild Wars and fight or flee: free open PvP in the MMO world! Attack and PK other players in Disputed zones and steal their Legacy wings. Fight in the weekly 150 players PvP Siege War and conquer the Castle with your Guild mates! COLLECT AND EVOLVE YOUR MOUNTS, BUDDIES amp AVATARS Collect, Feed and Train unique mounts to travel faster and boost your character: Tiger, Sabretooth, Unicorn, Raptor, Jaguar, Dragon, and more! Craft and Collect over 60 Avatar Cards to customize your hero the way you like: Werewolf, Dark Elf, Pirate, Archangel, Valkyrie, Minstrel, Samurai, Centaur and so much more! Find and craft unique Buddy Pets to summon in combat and help you in your adventure! NEVER GET BORED WITH THE DAILY EVENTS Join daily and seasonal events in Arcane Online! Receive many daily gifts by just playing the game! AND SO MUCH MORE ACTIVITIES! Complete achievements and get lots of rewards. Awaken and evolve your Guardian. Visit the Abyss to collect treasure chests, or just plunder other players. Farm and harvest your crops. And so many other MMORPG systems we just can’t list.. Arcane Online is a new free to play MMORPG that all fans of PVEPVP MMO games, Heroic Fantasy, RolePlaying RPG and Adventure games should try! WANT TO KNOW MORE? Facebook: :www.facebook.comArcaneCommunity FAQ amp Support: :galamix.helpshift.comaarcaneonline IMPORTANT NOTES Arcane Online is a mobile MMORPG only available in English language. The app requires iOS version 9.0 or higher and a stable network connection to play Online RPG. After the initial download and install, you will have to update and patch the whole game, about 920MB total a good WiFi or LTE connection is highly recommended as otherwise the first update will take some time If you can’t run Arcane Online, please contact us at: :galamix.helpshift.comaarcaneonline!

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