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Hacking or cheating in Audio Game Hub is not easy without our tool. Audio Game Hub 2 introduces 4 new games to the award winning Audio Game Hub with a fresh instalment of new features and sensational sound-effects! Audio Game Hub is a set of experimental arcade audiogames that use audio as their primary interface – making them accessible for both sighted and non-sighted users. Race against the clock and disarm bombs in Bomb Disarmer, follow Simon as he leads you through unlocking complicated patterns in Super Simon, or sit at the round table and enjoy a casual game of Blackjack. Audio Game Hub provides a medium to develop and improve motoric, auditory and memory skills by training them in a fun and stimulating way! Audiogames: – Animal Escape! – Bomb Disarmer (up to 10 player) – Super Simon (up to 10 player) – Blackjack (Casino) – Slot Machines (Casino) – Archery – Hunt – Samurai Tournament (up to 4 player) – Samuari Dojo (up to 4 player) – Labyrinth – Animal Farm (Memory) – Blocks (Bejeweld) Coming Soon: – Runner Think you can do it with your eyes closed? It is very difficult to reach the visually impaired community. Please show us your support by spreading the word about our games. All subscriptions (access to all games) will auto-renew after the selected time period. You can disable them in your iTunes application. You can choose following subscriptions: – 1 month of access to all games for 7.99 USD – 3 months of access to all games for 14.99 USD – 12 months of access to all games for 34.99 USD Terms of use: Find out more at

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Instructions – How To:

How to use general Audio Game Hub hack generator

If you use our general hack generator for Audio Game Hub then follow these steps:

  1. Click on red button “Hack Now” below list of in-app purchases.
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How to use specific in-app purchases hack generator:

  1. If you chose to hack only specific in-app purchase just click on the link.
  2. Read instructions on page and lick on “Hack Now” red button.
  3. Get your in-app purchases in game.

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