Free but premium quality hack tool for Aussie4x4. The 4×4 starts the adventure so you can take it anywhere with every possible 4×4 mod you could want. Aussie4x4 is not just another vehicle game. It is a multiplay style game, exit the vehicle from 3rd person to 1st person, use character tools, rifles, ride dirt bikes, fight in combat mode or just drive around level 12, a massive open world challenge with quest style game play. Currently the most realistic 4×4 experience on mobile. Community driven content and features directed by followers on Instagram aussie4x4game. Please give useful feedback in comments section. We appreciate your feedback and 5 star ratings. Level 12 Open World Challenge Access task panel to see what tasks are remaining. Use the World Map in Sat Nav and navigate using the custom way point finder. Complete all the tasks, collect the gold engines and win big!! Buy new vehicles and modifications with gold coins that can be purchased in Bank. Convert Silver to Gold and vice versa at the exchange in Bank. Earn silver from high scores, perfect health, collecting tokens, fastest times, squashing toads, vaccinating animals, shooting vermin, fighting dangerous animals, catching insects, airtime on the bike and collecting gold and silver engines. Test out handling and performance mods in different off road conditions with realistic physics and environmental effects. We think a 4×4 Adventure is about more than driving your dream machine..

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