Band of Heroes IDLE RPG

Band of Heroes IDLE RPG cheats codes available for all devices. Band of Heroes is an IDLE RPG game that offers touching stories about family values and friendship with colleagues. [Prologue] The best mercenary commander in Viewport, Bright, dies from the flu, and the Loan shark and his men come to take everything. When he was alive, he used to offer his service to hunt monsters free of charge for people in need and left a huge debt, thus his daughter Vanguard feels lonely and helpless all by herself. But she can’t sit back and do nothing! Recalling his father’s words, “An ordeal and harsh weather make a true warrior,” she recruits Accountant, Frost Mage, Biker and other colleagues, and rises up for the mercenaries’ revival and debt relief. Easy and fast! Break through the infinite stages! If you are looking for an idle RPG, come join the Band of Heroes! A very easy game that requires no tutorial Armed with unique characters and skills! Idle type game with character stories Help us to publish our cartoons on webtoons! Idle game with tankers, dealers, and healers Idle game with short range, long range, and air units But the game is fun and exciting! If you are not sure, level up! Then break through the infinite stages! Stage mode – Infinite Dash! -You can use gameplay strategies depending on the traits of characters and monsters Jackpot Land -If you run out of gems and weapons, go to Jackpot War -If you’re lucky … x5 times! Dungeon -If you want to get weapons for each character, go to the dungeon! -Get weapons by entering character dungeons PVP -Is your level quiet high? Why don’t you compete with other users? -Earn the finest ancient artifact weapons with honorary coins earned with PVP rewards. Guild and Raid – We can’t go without the guild! -Join the guild and donate spare weapons, and get new weapons with donation points -Chat with guild members, you can also socialize. What a great game life! Strong character What do you need to do? You need to make your character stronger! -Weapons, Skins, Skills, Ratings … A variety of content awaits you! -You can get affected by just having the items! Just level up It seems too complicated? – It’s not like that. Just keep calm and level up, that’s all. There’s nothing you need to do to enjoy the game! -Characters proceed to the stage even if you go offline. No stress. Just take the rewards every morning. FACEBOOK: DICCORD:

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