BBBear – a talking friend!

Unlock unlimited in-app purchase for BBBear – a talking friend!. “Hi, I am BBBear. I live in a very cute house by myself and would love to have you as my dear friend to play with. Would you like to take care of me, please? You and I will have fun together. We can play mini games to score the highest. You may feed me delicious food, and make me burst. You can also throw me a nice bubble bath, so I can sleep in my cozy bed with comfort. I have large selection of clothes, dress me anyway you like and show me to your friends. You will also help me to decorate my room the way we love. Sounds fun, right? Come on, let’s do it! Oh, I forget to mention, please take me to visit our friends’ house to see if they are cool like us. Wowla~ Give me a nickname and it will make us feel so close to each other. ” FEATURES: – Take care of your BBBear: Play, feed, and shower him. Help him go to bed as well. Your BBBear’s emotion is depending on you. – Interact with your BBBear: Pet him and poke him to see how he will react. – Go out with your BBBear: Click everything you see outside, and be surprised when you find a gift box on the road. – Bring on your unique creativity and taste: Dress up your BBBear and decorate his room. – Play BBBear’s toy: Dress his toy any way you like, and don’t forget to give it a cool “LOOK”. – Play mini games: Flappy Bear and many more to come. – Visit your friends’ or anyone’s BBBear: Go check out what others’ BBBear looks like and surprising gift may await you. – Level up and earn rewards: Unlock new looks and gain gold coins while leveling up your BBBear. – Talk to BBBear: He will be happy to repeat after you. – Make video for your BBBear: Share with your friends and you may also watch video shared by others. Please read our privacy policy through below link to understand how we protect your privacy. Please feel free to email us if you have any questions. [email protected]

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