Bloody Roads, California

Get free hack for Bloody Roads, California. Play Bloody Roads, California, a classic social MMO strategy game. Enter the world of outlaw bikers and organized crime. Battle with thousands of other players in an epic war for power. Raise your criminal empire and become a living legend! You’ve been on the road for days, when you enter the city limits of New York. “Rick! You got the coordinates for the shipment?” “Sure, mate. The Kutuzov moored at pier 9. Roughly 10 minutes out.“ You nod and ride on. The ship holds a special container for your MC. The content: finest Russian AK-47 full auto 7.62 calibre assault rifles. Toys that will help you crush your enemies. As you arrive at the pier, you see the Crazy Lobos MC loading your shipment into a truck. You hit the brakes, raise your gun, and shout to your brothers: “Take what is ours and kill’em all!” Bloody Roads, California is a classic construction and strategy MMO featuring PvE and PvP. You impersonate a tough outlaw biker and manage a motorcycle club. The game features an authentic urban scene set in the USA. Striving for money and power, you send out your gang to take over control in every single federal state of America. With the right tactics and strategy, your biker crew will return with bags filled to bursting point with money and contraband. The cash and loot of your raids help you to grow your business and become the number one MC in the USA. Band up with other players, form a brotherhood and take part in challenging PvE and PvP fights. Win in events and rankings, equip your avatar for a tough biker look and build your custom bike. Features: – Awesome outlaw biker game featuring more than 20 unique buildings and a rewarding illegal trade system – Epic biker strategy game with tough MC gangs and tactical challenge – Have fun building your custom motorcycle with over 100 bike parts – Realistic urban setting and stunning graphics – Competitive content featuring PvE, PvP and rewarded rankings – Enjoy tons of content with clans, single & multiplayer battles, achievements, and much more to explore – Join thousands of players across multiple platforms in a single shared MMO game world Bloody Roads California is a free-2-play game with in-app-purchases and rewarded videos to speed up game progression. Thank you for playing our game! We are always striving to improve Bloody Roads California. If you have any suggestions or ideas, we are more than happy to hear from you through our support team. What our players say: Michael: “Fantastic strategy game. Very enjoyable. Thanks!” Bob: “Great game because fans of shows like SOA and Mayans MC can build up their own motorcycle club!” The Joker: “From the start, this game excites u on a lvl that’s beyond what I thought it would be and I don’t want to sound like my review is payed and bought for it. It’s not, I been searching a long time for a motorcycle game that I can play at work (when bored) or during my winter hibernation lifestyle (it’s real winter here and can’t ride so let’s play instead). For a gamer or a person that likes video games, loves to ride and wants to escape reality like any other game. This game is a must play!“ Further information: Bloody Roads, California website – FAQ – Support – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Youtube – Terms and Conditions – Privacy policy –

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