Bunny Breakfast

Bunny Breakfast hack tool. Put down the carrots and pick up the coffee, because it’s time to start making some breakfast – as a bunny! Bunny Breakfast Blast has 200 levels of eggs, doughnuts, oatmeal, and scones that you can match to help serve your furry customers from all over the forest and beyond. You’ll serve lambs, wolves, hamsters, cats, a penguin, and a dog as you traverse a path that leads through a forest village, the ocean, the frozen tundra and more. But beware of the pair of dragons – they’re tough customers! In order to fill each customer’s order, you’ll have to hop to the counter and match three of the items on the board. As you make matches, you’ll learn little magic tricks that will help you along the way – but don’t worry, you won’t have to jump out of a hat! Match five in a row, for example, and you’ll make a special item with the power to clear one type of item off the board completely. After you learn the basics, you’ll really get cooking with honey, conveyor belts, and cake! You’ll see the move counter on your top left, which will tell you how many moves you have left to match items. But if you’re almost out, you can buy more with the coins you’ll earn in each level as a breakfast bonus. You can also use coins to buy one of three upgrades to help you blast through breakfast: a fork, a spoon, and tongs. Each one of these will help you take items off your counter, freeing up space to complete more orders! You can also buy a spin on the wheel to test your luck and earn more coins or upgrades! Game Features: Special Customers: It’s a good thing you happen to speak Penguin, because they’ll have special breakfast orders! Make a breakfast popsicle for your flightless bird friends! Fortunately you also know that breakfast treats are trouble for dogs, who need special food. Turn their toast into treats as you match for their meal! Dragons might breathe fire, but they aren’t going to help you cook! Fight them off with waffles and oatmeal so they won’t scare your other, more timid forest customers! Special Levels: Make everyone’s breakfast a little sweeter with some honey! You’ll have to clear the honey from the game board to achieve sweet success on these levels! Conveyor belts will circle your main workspace – use items on the belt by matching surrounding items! Everyone needs a little cake for breakfast sometimes, especially bunnies! But it’s an extra challenge to make! You can only pop cake by matching other items near it. Daily Login Bonus: Keep your skills their sharpest so your furry friends have a breakfast feast in the forest! Each day you login, you’ll get a random surprise to help you flip those eggs! Unlimited Play: No waiting for more time in the game or need to pay for refill lives! You can play as often and as long as you want, and it’s free! Get your paws cooking with Bunny Breakfast Blast, and save the forest from boring breakfast forever!

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