Car Manual Shift 2 – Racing

Unlock currency for free today with our hack tool for Car Manual Shift 2 – Racing. We do not take responsibility for addiction this game will simulate your real manual car… and it recommended for driving learners… Car Manual Shift will simulate the most reality way to driving a manual car in a Game. for car control you have: -Clutch -Breaks -Gas -Transmission 1 to 5 -Neutral mode -Start/Turn off the engine -And everything you need to drive a real car This game have 75 Levels! and 9 medals to win! The car will react the same way it react in real life if you make some mistake with control, for example if you not adjust the speed with the correct gear. the game is not easy, you will be need to learn how to drive, if you do have a driver licence, it will be easy to you to faster understand how to use the app. So, if you don’t, you have nothing to worry about, the game include a tutorial with auto-learn system.. and if that didn’t help, there is a video tutorial, so be sure you will be able to play and learn how a real manual car work! In the car you will have some type race: 1.You VS time: the race is to travel amount of distance, with the allotted time 2.You VS Speed: the race is to reach 180 KM/h (112 mph) fast as you can before time out 3.Drag race: drag to 200m (656 feet) fast as you can 4.Police: Sometimes a police car will appear, all you have to do is drive better from the cop 5:Flags: this race is different from the ‘You VS time'(1) but it the same idea.. but with few flags (passages) that every flag you pass the time will reset and give you more time to reach the next flag. 6.You VS Master: 9 car gangs, 9 medals, 9 master! in this race is your drag vs the Master! every Master you will you will get a medal, if you have do all levels 3 star in the same gang, you will get a gold medal. *My Cars: All car you have bough, you can choose to play with it or sell it. *Garage: You can upgrade your car performance and speed by improve parts. *Car Market: the market offer you a selection of all kinds of car models. *Register: 1.regular register 2.Facebook connect *Profile view: You can see your level, and see what medals you have earn! *Settings: Support MPH / KMH unit for speed Support Meters / Feet unit for distance Facebook Logout Music,sound and vibration can be turn of differently the game compatible With Game Center to submit your profile level in the game… ******* This app is only a game. Do Not try to pass the speed limit 

in real life, if you want to learn driving in a real car go to a professional teacher.
 This application is only for entertainment purposes to understand the principe of the a manual car!!! ******

Available hacks for Car Manual Shift 2 – Racing

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Instructions – How To:

How to use general Car Manual Shift 2 – Racing hack generator

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