DBT Trivia & Quiz

DBT Trivia & Quiz cheats codes available for all devices. A Simple Quiz that anyone interested in DBT can do and learn from. From beginners to experienced DBT users, this app is sure to offer you new knowledge in a fun, interactive way. Each level has a series of questions all based on a certain category. All you have to do is select the right answer more times than not, and you will be moved onto the next level instantly. Each round you pass will offer a description of why the answer is the way it is. For example: Level 3: In this scenario, are you practicing Wise Mind, or not? Scenario: Whenever your spouse makes you mad, you show your anger because if you don’t, you aren’t being true to yourself. Answer: Not Wise Mind Why: There is a myth among some people that says that if they don’t express how they feel, that they aren’t being true to themselves. This however neglects the fact that we all say things we regret saying when we are angry. Therefore, generally speaking, it would not be wise to show your anger every time you feel it. There of course are times when it is appropriate. Usually though, it is better to calm down and get into a Wise Mind state of mind before choosing what to do about that situation that made you angry. Now with over 450 DBT Questions from all 4 DBT Skill Groups: Mindfulness Skills Interpersonal Communication Skills Distress Tolerance Skills Emotional Regulation Skills And as usual, this app integrates with our other DBT apps. So the progress you make in this app will count towards your entire DBT progress. Your data will be saved in case you want to share it with your Therapist, or just see your own progress whenever you want.

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