Dino the Beast

Dino the Beast hack tool available for free. Overcome obstacles, fight enemies, win and earn points. Dino The Beast is a runner type game that will allow you to inhabit the body of a dinosaur from the Jurassic period. Scarred as a child, Dino seeks vengeance. He wants to hunt down the cruel tyrannosaur who killed his mother. You are going to help him carry out the task. Dino The Beast consists of the five stages of Dinos life. In the first the dinosaur is small and helpless, forced to flee from the monster from the jungle. With each stage Dino gains additional skills and powers that will help him deal with his foe. When he grows up, he will be strong enough to defeat the monster. Until then, Dino will have to overcome many other dinosaurs that stand in his way in VS mode. To win you have to complete all the levels, collect food and develop Dinos capabilities. Invite your friends to play with you and compare your scores. Be the best! Do not forget to visit Dinos Cave. There you can watch as the character grows, view his collection of trophies and also his extra powers: Slow Motion, Double Jump and Tough Skin.

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Instructions – How To:

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