Dinosaur Puzzle

With our cheats for Dinosaur Puzzle unlock premium features for free. Restore all dinosaur fossils! Play “Puzzle screen” and “Dig up screen”! “Puzzle screen”  Restoration work Put the collected fossil panels in order correctly. “Dig up screen” Dig up and collect Break rock panels by Tap. Discover all fossil panels and take them to the Puzzle screen. Challenge the hard level ! Two type of fossils are mixed on the levels 3 and 4. You can play many kinds of Dinosaurs fossils! – Season1 dinosaurs – Parasaurolophus,Pteranodon,Elasmosaurus,Spinosaurus,Triceratops,Velociraptor,Maiasaura,Tyrannosaurus,Ankylosaurus,Mosasaurus,Stegosaurus,Archaeopteryx,Ceratosaurus,eoraptor,Shonisaurus,Dimetrodon – Season2 dinosaurs – Diplodocus,Allosaurus,Amargasaurus,Argentinosaurus,Carnotaurus,Dilophosaurus,Iguanodon,Oviraptor,Quetzalcoatlus,Polacanthus,Pachycephalosaurus,Styracosaurus – Season3 dinosaurs – Megalosaurus,Tarbosaurus,Deinonychus,Microraptor,Jobaria,Lambeosaurus,Pinacosaurus,Protoceratops,Futabasaurus,Rhamphorhynchus – Season4 dinosaurs – Gallimimus,Giganotosaurus,Therizinosaurus,Baryonyx,Fukuiraptor,Coelophysis,Brachiosaurus,Plateosaurus,Kentrosaurus,Euoplocephalus – Season5 dinosaurs – Shantungosaurus,Pachyrhinosaurus,Ichthyosaurus,Liopleurodon,Archelon,Apatosaurus,Barosaurus,Gasosaurus,Huayangosaurus,Hypacrosaurus,Euoplocephalus

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