Food Ninja

Cheats for Food Ninja available on our website. The reviews are piling up for one of the best casual games of 2012! The gameplay is every bit as sharp as the knives your chef is heaving through the air. Amazingly precise controls, with considerable depth behind quick pickupandplay arcade action. A standout among tycoon sims for its simultaneous accessibility, depth, and pseudoshoot ’em up feel. Top notch tapping through the restaurant world! Order up! One peanut butter amp jellyfish sandwich, one pigeon pot pie, and two orders of the famous ratwurst! You are the worldrenowned Ninja Chef, serving up loads of fun in this hilarious and addicting game from Foursaken Media. Prepare tons of insane recipes by flinging knives, forks, spears, and even ninja stars at an avalanche of food that your faithful assistant throws out. Be careful with your aim, though! Your customers probably don’t appreciate the knives flying around the place as much as you do! Keep them happy and you’ll see your fame and fortune grow. Expand your business by opening new restaurants, and see if you can earn the critic’s coveted fivestar rating for each. Food Ninja takes cooking to a crazy, new level! FEATURES: Simple, pick up and play arcade action! Throw knives at food to complete a variety of crazy recipes before time runs out! Build and expand your city! Earn money and reputation, then unlock new restaurants, buy billboards, and more! Tons of utensils, ingredients, recipes, costumes, and powerups, unique to each restaurant! Beautiful 3D cartoon graphics, with insane, over the top effects! Crazy, hilarious characters! Watch as your sous chef tosses out mountains of food, while your waiters fly out from nowhere to catch pinned ingredients! Multiple game modes, including an endless Takeout mode, and an absolutely insane Rush Hour mode! Two bonus minigames Zombie House and Farm add to the insanity! Gamecenter leaderboards! Disclaimer: Do not try cooking like this at home! Follow us on Twitter FoursakenMedia for all the latest news!

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