Funmania: time management game

Unlock unlimited in-app purchase for Funmania: time management game. A surge of good cheer, an island of your own, and exciting gameplay featuring a simulated amusement park await you in the free time management game Funmania! Sophie’s friends have helped her reawaken her long held dream of running an amusement park with endless parties, and owning a little paradise on a tropical island where all her loved ones could come together. Sophie embraces her dream and opens her own theme park, where the fun never stops! Getting everything to run smoothly takes a lot of work, but you can certainly manage it all: serving impatient customers who cannot wait to start having fun, dealing with staff trying to sneak away to take care of their personal problems, sudden breakdowns of arcade machines, and so on. Thanks to you, Sophie will open amusement centers in amazing new locations. You will accompany her to space, to the jungle, and even… No, wait, that one is still a secret. Sophie believes that her dreams will come true when she gets her own island! You can put your soul into equipping the island to your own taste, choosing from a huge variety of buildings, plants, decor elements, luxury items, and much more. All you need to do is put a little effort into reaching the Expert level. In order to successfully pass the levels, you need to: – serve customers and keep an eye on the queue – show the door to any unwanted visitors – play mini-games on arcade machines (Battleship, Claw Crane, and others) and prepare drinks and desserts – purchase and upgrade arcade machines – hire staff – level up Sophie’s abilities and buy magical boosters – serve food and beverages to keep customers happy What is on Sophie’s mind apart from her business and from improving her island? What is in her future: is it loyalty or betrayal, a secret admirer or a fleeting mirage of infatuation, a love triangle or staying true to her dream, confidence or timid stares and tentative steps? How will the life story of the charming protagonist play out? You will find this out from vibrant comics and from her chat with friends, in which you will take part! Game features: – one hundred ingenuously designed levels of customer service in the time management genre – ten unique amusement centers, and the secret keys to their success – a variety of mini-games: arcade machines, a photo booth, a food court, and lots more; – an engaging storyline: business strategy, romance, and secrets of friendship – colorful chat screens and comics with memorable characters – an opportunity to develop an island of your own Share your success story with friends! If you have any problems with the game please contact our Technical Support (Settings – Tech Support). We are always happy to help you!

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