Fury Turn

It’s free and it works. Get today our hack tool for Fury Turn. Save the scientists! Prevent biological catastrophe! Eat all the burgers on the way! An amazing combination of story game, turn-based tactical action and puzzles. Evacuate scientists on a helicopter, do selfie against the background of apocalyptic landscapes, take part in massive battles of enemy and friendly monsters, and even take control of one of them! This game has a plot, tiny story cartoons and cutscenes! A lot of artful enemies, each with their abilities, strengths and weaknesses waiting for you in the most unexpected places, and sometimes just drop right on your head! And you will have an incredible boss at the end of each chapter! Use all the skills to defeat him (it will not be easy!) Mad daily mode! Avoid waves of jelly in dynamic daily trials and earn coins! In the game there are different types of controls, gestures and virtual joystick (recommended for weaker devices). of gestures: – swipe to make a move – swipe and hold, for running – Tap on the enemy at gunpoint to attack him! You can also play Fury Turn with a gamepad connected to your device. Important information: 1. This game contains pop-up ads, which can be removed with a one-time purchase in the application. Purchase also unlocks all checkpoints at all levels. 2. Daily mode opens only after passing through level 8! 3. The abilities and unique characteristics of the characters work ONLY in the Daily mode! Unfortunately, the use of abilities in the ordinary mode would destroy the balance of missions, and some would make impassable. I hope you enjoy my little game. With great pleasure I read your feedback, thanks to which it’s easier to make Fury Turn even better!

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Instructions – How To:

How to use general Fury Turn hack generator

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