Geography of the World

Cheats for Geography of the World are available and working. For 10 years the most advanced geographic encyclopedia and quiz on the App Store. Did you know… …Bhutan is a country in Southeastern Asia? …Romania has the same flag as Chad? …the highest peak of Africa is Kilimanjaro in Tanzania? …India is 7th largest country of the world? …Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina? …Singapore is an island country? This app is an ideal companion for people who want to learn more about geography. It includes more than 50 thousand facts about more than 250 countries and territories of the world. In addition to browsing the data, you can play 9 types of quiz games about flags, capitals or location of countries. FREE FEATURES: • More than 250 countries and territories, grouped into 6 continents. • Each country or territory has: – Official name, flag, capital, ISO codes, and political status. – Location on continent with a mini map. – Area, highest peak, population, GDP, trade balance, and unemployment rate. – Official languages and currency, major religions, and urbanization. – Neighbouring countries, nearby countries, and administered territories. – Time zones, telephone subscriptions, and internet users. • Search by names, capitals, highest peaks, and ISO codes. • Sort and compare all countries by area, population or GDP, with colored map diagrams. • Play flag quiz for any continent and try demo of all other quizzes. • Fully accessible using VoiceOver, including many of the quizzes. IN-APP PURCHASES: Download the app to see details about content, pricing, and discounts. (1) Purchase detailed data to learn about population growth, lowest points, largest cities, GDP per capita and growth, and many other attributes. (2) Purchase all statistics to be able to sort and compare all countries by length of borders or coastline, elevation of highest or lowest point, population density or growth, and many other attributes. You can then export these data to CSV tables and work with them. (3) Purchase all quizzes to learn flags, capitals, locations, or sizes of all countries. Try blind map quiz or play with all question mixed together. You can win 100% discount for this in-app purchase and have it for FREE. If you need an app compatible with Volume Purchase Program, check out “Geography EDU” app with the SAME content. Main sources of the data are The World Factbook 2018 and Social Progress Index 2018.

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