Greed City – Business Manager

Want cheats codes for Greed City – Business Manager you are on the right place. Greed City is a Free to Play mobile game where players compete to become the ultimate real estate property tycoon mogul. Build a property empire using real-world locations and real-world check-ins to earn credits. Start building a property cartel that will rival even Donald Trump. Strategy is key as you grow your monopoly with some of your favorite places and landmarks around the world. Do you have what it takes to compete with the worlds best Billionaire Tycoons in this massively multiplayer online game? Setup new businesses or steal existing ones from other players. Wreak havoc on competitors as you use cards to ruin a business’s value like using the Rat Infestation Card. A tycoon game more cutthroat than an episode of game of thrones, you will need everything in your arsenal to climb the games leader-boards to become the worlds greatest and crush your friends. Earn Diamonds, Cards and Extra credits when you check into other businesses on the go using your phones GPS positioning to augment the real world with the virtual world. Greed City lets you buy or set up your favorite businesses from around the world no matter how big or small – Own all your favorite stadiums including Lambeau Field, Dallas Cowboys’ AT&T stadium, Camp Nou and Wembley Stadium. – Own Iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Trump Towers, Empire State Building, Sydney Opera House, even the Statue of Liberty could be up for grabs. – Try hold onto the big Airports like Heathrow, Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Beijing Capital International Airport, or Dubai International Airport – Lay claim to Tokyo, London, New York, Munich, Paris as the reach of your empire grows across the globe Upgrade businesses as you watch profits soar and attract new customers, you could be on the road to become the next Jobs, Gates or Musk. Get your friends playing and compete with or against them in monthly tournaments from anywhere across the world! Location is Key, make every move count as you strive to become one of the Richest Real Estate Barons In The World!

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