Guardian Sword

Get currency or any other in-app purchase for Guardian Sword for free. Guardian Sword from Picsoft doesnt look like much at a glance, but under the surface lies a deep and strategic experience worth checking out. Touch Arcade While the approach to strategy with matching gems is enough to keep me coming back the boss fights are intense!, theres also RPG elements to top everything off. App Store Arcade Ive always made the assertion that theres room for one more match 3 hybrid on my device as long as the game keeps me entertained. Guardian Sword has done so much more than that so far it has become an addiction. TouchMyApps The vast amount of depth in their combat system really must be experienced to be believed, and although I sometimes nearly began to believe otherwise I really could defeat anything with the right abilities, tiles, and strategic play. iFanzine From the creators of Tiny Defense comes Guardian Sword a strategy puzzle RPG with unique gameplay and classic RPG charm. Set off on an epic journey with Guts a fearless swordsman who seeks an ultimate legendary weapon that gives the owner infinite power. But his road is not a bed of roses when it is the Guardian Sword that everyone can kill for The cause of The Last War has started!! Guardian Sword is a strategy puzzle RPG, full of classic RPG charm that you rarely see in the genre these days. Guardian Sword Highlight is the unique gameplay that allows the players to customize the puzzles by themselves. You can choose from 40 Tiles with different abilities which means you can devise your own strategy in various ways and limitless. If you are looking for a game that is all new and if you would like a simple yet very strategizing gameplay, you are looking for Guardian Sword. GAME FEATURES Choose a set of Puzzles from 40 Tiles with unique abilities Enhance with more than 20 Special Skills and Ultimate Attacks Fight alongside your Teammates together with their specific skills Meet over 120 different enemies and defeat strong Bosses! Level up your character and upgrade as you wish Stores to buy Weapons, Armors and Items Large world map for you to travel over 90 maps Impressive story, from an ordinary man to a hero How the story goes? Only the ones who play to the end of the legend know!! OTHER FEATURES Game Center Leaderboard and Achievements Universal app: play on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch iCloud support for you to share your progress across devices Official walkthrough and strategy guide Recommended Hardware iPhone 4S, iPod touch 5th gen, iPad 2mini or better Get in Touch Follow us! : twitter.compicsoft Join our fan page : facebook.compicsoft Our Website : www.picsoftstudios.comguardiansword Support : Youtube : :youtu.beIlmO6r_zYo0

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Instructions – How To:

How to use general Guardian Sword hack generator

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