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Hacking or cheating in Gun War – Shooting Games is not easy without our tool. Welcome to the frontline commander! you are the chosen elite, free claim your rifle, cross the cover and fire, hunt the zombies and terrorists, unite your squad, to save the world! Three weeks after the Critcal Epidemic broke out, the virus spread quickly through currency, some terrorists rob the serum. Infrastructure destroyed one by one,the social get into disorder and chaos. President then ordered “The Crisis Action: Storm Assassin”, to start the top secret separate agent tactical units, these agents are trained in emergency situations can act independently to maintain minimum social function. When the nation get into destruction and crisis, when we start our action… Gun War’s awesome features include: – More than 124 exciting shooting tasks, including 6 special type: (rival shooting/sniper assassin/save hostage/endless zombie/uncharted treasure/BOSS battle ) ! – Offline and you can start war at any time! – Shocked 3D next-gen hd graphic – Enemy includ zombies, soldiers, armored vehicles, air units, of course, be careful to accidentally hostage! – New generation of “bullet time” special effects, to capture every frame of your thrilling headshot! – Dust storms, sea port, heavy rain and other weather effects! – A variety of classic FPS / TPS shooting play, we polished the control on mobile device ! Enjoy the smooth controlling – Super BOSS Battle, limited time assassination, hostage rescue, endless dungeon! -Classic shooting, sniper assassin , driving alloy armor full assault, invincible and unkilled! -Globel elite leaderboard, in PVP mode, find your opponent in rival deathmatch , enjoy the e-sport exciting! – Every kill to shot have special bravo sound and sprite!Encoruage your shooting feeling! – NO boring scripts, Fast-paced shooting and sniper! Take up your shadowgun to rival fire! – Hide behind covers smartly then fire back! ULTRA-COOL WEAPON ARSENAL: – From sniper rifles, assault rifles, shotguns to super heroes weapons! Desert eagle, M4A1,AK-47,Mp5, M87-T, M79, Stw-25, AWM Sniper, RPG(bazooka) ! – Collect weapons fragments, combine powerful weapons – Each weapon’s shooting performance is completely different, to fire against different enemies! Arrange your weapons to get different strategy! – Maximize your firepower with multiple, upgradable weapon classes including sniper rifles, assault rifles, shotguns and machine guns. Utilize special war gear on the battlefield such as drones, grenades and RPGs. ASSEMBLE YOUR ELITE SQUAD: – Recruit and train soldiers and lead the ultimate war team to the battlefield! Choose from diffrent possible unique squad members, from sharpshooters to medics. – The mercenary can be upgraded also! – Your team will cover you and fire to the enemies , and don’t worry, they won’t shoot at the hostages! GENEROUS BENEFITS: – Daily check-in to claim unique super weapon! All free and permanent! – Complete the task to get a lot of diamonds! Everyday play , you can become a rich man! – Redeem code released every day on facebook, use it to get extra bonus! ENDLESS CHALLENGE: – Challenge endless mode to get a lot of resources! EASY TO GET STARTED: – Optimized for mobile device operating, smooth controlling and exciting battle sound, experience the PS4 / XBOX game shooting fun! – Flexible artificial intelligence behavior so that each one enemy is unique! Compatibility and support We’re continuously working (hard) so that all device run the game smoothly. Please report any issue you may experience at Disclaimer Gun War is a free game but it contains mature content and optional in-app purchases for real money. You may want to keep away it from your kids. Give us 5 stars rating for encouraging us to improve the game continuously.

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How to use general Gun War – Shooting Games hack generator

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