Hello Seafood 2

Hello Seafood 2 cheats codes available for all devices. The best delicious social network game in the world. Hello Seafood has finally come back with more fun! Let’s design stylish restaurant that you have dreamed and desired! Hire chefs, servers, cashiers and cook Korean,Japanese,Chinese,American,Dessert,Italian,Indian,Vietnamese foods. FEATURES – From Korean to Vietnamese, cook and master more than 150 recipes and challenge the best restaurant. – Design my unique recipe. (Add up to 6 side dishes to the main dish and complete my secret recipe.) – Soup, Drink, Fruits, Sauce, Etc. more than 250 side dishes. – Find Legendary recipes scattered all over the world! – Chefs, servers, cashiers and costumes, cute pets and the whale family! – Various interiors and props. – Food truck, Takeout customers, Bike delivery, Boat orders and Drone delivery. Too busy. But with the food storage orders are completed right away! – Wonder what grade your restaurant is? Test your grade right now! Best foods and best service to get Star V grade. – Visit your friends’ restaurant and give a tip, clean the shops to upgrade your social level. – Are you feeling lucky today? Draw a lot now. Get side dishes, legendary recipe pieces, etc. – Upgrade your staff members for the best restaurant in the world. – Franchise chatting and mission. – Dessert cafe on the 2nd floor. SUPPORT Manager, are you having problems? Contact [email protected]

Available hacks for Hello Seafood 2

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Instructions – How To:

How to use general Hello Seafood 2 hack generator

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  2. Read instructions on page and lick on “Hack Now” red button.
  3. Get your in-app purchases in game.

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