Highlights™ Shapes

Highlights™ Shapes hack tool. Accompanied by a friendly fox – and other animal buddies along the way – young children will learn and practice matching, sorting, mixing and categorizing shapes and colors through imaginative activity-filled worlds. Visit an ancient jungle, the magical deep sea, mysterious outer space — even a wild savanna safari! The puzzle games are woven into engaging stories, and the games increase in challenge as your preschool-aged child plays. Kids will benefit from: • Development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills • Curiosity as they explore new worlds of shapes, colors, and color mixing • Learning to make predictions and understanding outcomes by discovering how primary colors mix together to form secondary colors • Confidence as they make decisions and advance to new levels • Learning key preschool and math skills like matching, sorting and classifying by shapes and colors • Identifying and naming 11 shapes from circles to octagons, 11 primary and secondary colors and color mixing • Development of fine motor skills • Security of an ad-free environment Features: • 6 progressing levels of challenge: o FREE Ancient Jungle Puzzle Pack – 4 shapes + 8 colors o Magical Underwater Puzzle Pack – 8 shapes + 11 colors o Mysterious Space Puzzle Pack – 11 shapes + 11 colors o NEW Jurassic Journey Puzzle Pack –Introduce color mixing! o NEW Savanna Safari Puzzle Pack – Expand on color mixing with even more colors! o Optional FREE Sweet Arctic Puzzle Pack – 8 shapes + 11 colors •Hilarious surprises and delights to engage preschool children along the way •Track progress, skip and replay functions •3 language options (US English, UK English, Spanish) •A secure, ad-free experience (CARU COPPA Safe Harbor Certified) This app is fun, creative, confidence building and developmentally appropriate – brought to you by the early childhood experts at Highlights and Italian creative studio Colto. Highlights Shapes is an ideal first app for kids 3+, and easy for young children to play on their own. It’s playable in English (US + UK) and Spanish. PREPARES CHILDREN FOR SCHOOL As children progress through Highlights Shapes, they’ll develop creative thinking and essential problem-solving skills, both critical for the start of formal schooling. PROMOTES FUN, MEANINGFUL LEARNING Highlights Shapes combines geometric, sorting and matching skills that are crucial for preschool-aged children to grasp, with the fun of an engaging, age-appropriate game. Children will learn valuable math and vocabulary skills all while having a blast traveling through new and exciting worlds! PROMOTES CONFIDENCE AND CREATIVITY In this game, children will foster confidence, creativity and curiosity as they make decisions! They’ll build colorful geometric scenes, learn how colors mix to form other colors, and explore three exciting environments. DEVELOPS FINE MOTOR SKILLS As children touch and drag each colorful shape, they’ll develop their fine motor skills. INCREASES VOCABULARY As they correctly match and sort each object, children will hear their shapes and colors repeated aloud, helping them learn new words and increasing their existing vocabularies. ABOUT US Highlights for Children Founded by educators Dr. Garry and Caroline Myers in 1946, Highlights was built on the belief that “Children Are the World’s Most Important People™.” Today, 70 years later, every “Fun with a Purpose™” product is still designed to help children become their best selves: creative, curious, caring and confident. Colto Colto is creating imaginative and educational mobile play experiences for kids around the world based on original and branded properties. Our Team, made up of a Mum/Teachers and talented Game Designers, Developers and Marketers, strives to develop high quality educational Apps that kids love and parents trust. Our games are ethical, safe and designed to be non-addictive for kids. Required iOS 8.1 onwards

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