HistoryFaces cheats codes available for all devices. HISTORYFACES Improve your knowledge of history with 100s of faces from many nations amp eras. Replay amp master each level even as the historical figures become less familiar. Visit the Gallery to hear rare voices from the past. Climb 100 levels amp achieve the highest rank. HistoryFaces is much more than just a trivia game. Playing increases your historical knowledge. Learn new facts about historical figures you know. Series A includes famous figures like Abraham Lincoln, Cleopatra, and Ronald Reagan. But it also includes Lakshmi Baidubbed Indias Joan of Arcand Alferd Packer, a Colorado prospector accused of cannibalism and convicted of murder. Reinforce your fact base through replays and the specially designed second half. There, the historical figures youve met before appear in a different context, creating surprising challenges. Earn 10 coins every time you reach a new rank. Earn 10 coins by completing any level without error in under 2 minutes Move up through 10 ranks of difficulty starting as a Beginner, with figures chosen to allow players to advance through the early levels easily as they become familiar with the game. However, the more levels you complete, the more likely you will meet unfamiliar faces. Expect some challenges. Can you achieve the coveted Series Master rank? For a better look at each face, visit the GALLERY of historical figures you have mastered. Click the arrow below the photo on many faces and hear them or a talented actor voice their actual words. Features include: 100 Levels of 6 faces each to identify, increasing in difficulty Tools to help you with difficult faces 6 rounds per level 1800 clues 50 coins to start Levels 150: Meet and learn about the faces Levels 51100: Same Faces and clues regrouped for reinforcement and increased difficulty Unlimited replay of levels Improve your time and score Build a Gallery of faces some with audio Use Gallery faces to stump your friends Multiple ways to earn coins Rules: See one clue and six faces. Tap the correct face that describes the clue. Earn 3 coins for every 10 correct answers in a row Each wrong answer costs 2 coins Each TOOL costs one coin. Dont just guess! Tools: Take Away Tool Remove one face Helpful Hint Stop the Clock In App Purchases: Use your prior knowledge and the available tools wisely and you may be able to play the entire game without additional coins. 100 Coins .99 200 Coins 1.99 500 Coins 3.99 Unlimited Coins 9.99 Unlimited Replay 8.99 Immediate Access to Full Gallery 24.99 New Pack SERIES B Game available when SERIES A is completed 2.99

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