I Am Warrior

Best online hack tool for I Am Warrior. Unlock any in-app purchase without paying. Following the “I Am Archer” and “I Am Wizard,” we launched a grand “I Am Warrior” to give you an unprecedented operating experience 1. Compared to the previous game, we reduce the consumption of the game, and increased output 2. Strengthen the fighting part of the big swordsman, make the battle more dependent on big swordsman 3. Jump, roll, batter, interrupt 4. 10 kinds of big swordsmanship skills waiting for you to unlock 5. 17 troops arms match 6. defeat the enemy’s belief sculpture to win 7. You can get diamonds in endless mode, drop probability of about 2% 8. You can not make your best in Endless Mode, because once your unit has entered the White House’s Magic Gate, they will betray the White Army. Remember! 9. Endless mode, if you enter the magic door, the battle is over We made a action game based on strategy games. The game is very dependent on the player’s own operation, come on!

Available hacks for I Am Warrior

You can use our I Am Warrior hack generator for any of those in-app purchases or use global one below.

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Instructions – How To:

How to use general I Am Warrior hack generator

If you use our general hack generator for I Am Warrior then follow these steps:

  1. Click on red button “Hack Now” below list of in-app purchases.
  2. Input your username or e-mail.
  3. Choose in-app purchases you want to hack (for example 3450 Diamonds or more).
  4. Wait for process to finish.
  5. If general hack tool works it will show human verification “I’m not a robot” screen.
  6. Complete human verification.
  7. Open game and enjoy.

How to use specific in-app purchases hack generator:

  1. If you chose to hack only specific in-app purchase just click on the link.
  2. Read instructions on page and lick on “Hack Now” red button.
  3. Get your in-app purchases in game.

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