Idle Evil Clicker

Try our free tool to get unlimited resources for Idle Evil Clicker. Dear evil geniuses! Welcome to one of the most popular idle clicker games! Idle Evil Clicker is a HELL TYCOON SIMULATOR! It’s fun, it’s simple, it’s awesome! Forget the boring routine management in other clicking games. Check out Idle Evil Clicker and have fun expanding your torture arsenal! No idle tap game has ever been so funny and unusual! Hire demons, collect souls! Upgrade and automate your evil equipment! Develop the circles of hell! Few words about this hell simulator: It’s not just a funny idle tapping game. It’s so much more! It’s a whole world for you to dive into — it is simulation of the devil’s life. Demons are your workers now. Invest in your devil company, manage your employees and make your Evil Factory as profitable as possible. Collect souls, build automated boilers and other torture stuff! Unlock new tortures by collecting pieces of puzzles! Puzzles is a very important part of the game, by the way. Being a hell tycoon isn’t easy… But taps and swipes will be easy to learn. This is the easiest economic strategy ever! Although the business is a little peculiar… Take your profits and relax! Also, sometimes to get souls you will have to save the girl. Do you understand what we are talking about? Puzzles! Events! More puzzles and events later! Wanna be a devil? You’ve got that opportunity now! Now briefly: – Awesome art and animation! See what tortures will befall sinners. – A lot of upgrades! BOSS prestige that really helps your progress. – It’s a revolution in tycoon simulators! – Idle clickers are awesome! So join the big community of fans of this genre! Swipe, tap and swipe some more! Prepare yourself for the best hell simulator in your life! Ready! Steady! Tap! Tap tap!

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