Island Princess Magic Quest

With our cheats for Island Princess Magic Quest unlock premium features for free. ~~>Aloha! Help Kalani, the Hawaii Island Princess, become the next queen and lead her tribe with confidence! ~~>Kalani must voyage through stormy weather, dark forests and lava-filled grounds to get to the Divine Mountain! ~~>If she completes the quest first, she’ll be crowned Island Queen! She’ll also learn valuable life lessons along the way! The island villagers need Kalani’s help saving their beautiful islands – but she can’t do it alone! You’ve got to help make Kalani’s journey successful. Lots of people and the beautiful Hawaiian islands are counting on you! With the help of the shaman, Kalani’s spiritual leader, and some special tools, you and Kalani make a great team! Just one thing – get there before Lukela does, or else he’ll be the next island leader instead! Features: >Journey with Kalani through the exotic islands of Hawaii to reach the Divine Mountain! >Your goal: Reach the mountain before your rival Lukela does, so that Kalani will be crowned the next Island Queen! >Encounter lots of surprises throughout your Hawaiian island adventure! >The shaman will equip you with a bag full of special tools to help you on your quest – but the rest is up to you and Kalani! >Who says you can’t have fun while also trying to save the villagers? Have the time of your life at a fabulous Hawaiian luau! Decorate and play the tribal drums! >As you travel, you’ll come across some run-down islands. Get out that rake and bamboo broom, and bring those islands back to life! Decorate totem polls to restore the island’s beauty! >Make your own deliciously exotic fruit salads and cocktails! >Dress up time has never been so fun! Experiment with body paint and choose your favorite lei (Hawaiian flower necklace)! >Oh no! A storm has hit while you’re in the middle of the ocean! Fix the boat and get back on track! >Did the storm fog up your brain, or could it be that your rival Lukela is actually kinda cute, and nice too?! Hmmm… 😉 >Watch out for exploding volcanoes and try not to get lost in the dark, creepy forest! >You may even end up saving some lives along the way! Learn valuable life lessons and make the shaman proud! >Could it be?! You reached the mountaintop! Is Kalani really going to be the next Island Queen?! In-apps that include “All Levels” allow you to enjoy the entire game! Complete each level individually to advance to the next one and achieve your final goal.

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