Jade Dynasty: The dragon fire

Jade Dynasty: The dragon fire cheats codes available for all devices. Spring is coming to Jade Dynasty Mobile! Participate in the seasonal festival by collecting special loot from dungeons or in-game events and exchanging sympathy points for useful gifts. Earn the mantle of the most romantic player on the server! A holiday like this can melt even the coldest of hearts! Boredom is not on the menu. Instead delve deeper into the game’s lore to uncover all of the secret quests and puzzles, gain new incredible powers, and set off on an adventure across the world of Jade Dynasty Mobile! Brave hero! Do you like games where you are free to reveal all the secrets of the ancient magic schools and master secret martial arts? Then, get ready to set off on an adventure in the mysterious universe of Jade Dynasty Mobile, the portable version of the world-known online MMORPG from the acclaimed Perfect World Games studios. Become a disciple of one of the six confronting schools and start a journey to find out the secret of immortality from the great warriors. Immerse yourself into the story of love and betrayal, try out a complicated development system, fight as a hero at the cross-server Sword of Immortality and change this world forever! Pave your own way by the sword and magical spells! Choose one of the unique mounts, saddle it and travel across the sky to discover the game’s universe that is full of wonders. Kill (slay) the ancient monster with your the glorious sword or powerful spells! Complete hidden quests and get unique artifacts that will help you to defeat your rivals and become the greatest hero. Be thoughtful and persistent, and your curiosity will be rewarded! Jade Dynasty Mobile invites you into a huge MMORPG open world that you can freely explore alone or with friends and followers. Take part in the massive battles or 1v1 PvP arenas, fight legendary warriors, unlock the secrets and crack the mysteries, craft items and equipment – and even spend your time fishing! Choose your own path, master your skills and ascend to the god! The universe of Jade Dynasty Mobile MMORPG welcomes all adventurers and truth seekers. Here you can find your destiny and reveal the holy secret of the ancient god. Choose your path The universe of Jade Dynasty Mobiles remembers the long history of the schools’ rivalry. Decide to take a peaceful way or become a god of war. Explore the world On your adventure, you will visit each and every piece of Jade Dynasty Mobile universe. Royal Yangcheng, the abode of your guides and friends; personal territories of the schools that keep their secret safe from the eyes of a stranger; tiny villages and ancient cities lost in the woods, and, of course, the Edge of Immortality, where the strongest warriors meet. To explore all of this you can use an esper – a special item that will allow you to fly without limits. Try flying on the great sword into the sky! Сhallenge your friends and rivals! You are never alone on this journey! First of all, magical pets are your faithful comrades in every battle. You can catch any monster almost in every location – make sure you are strong enough to tame them! Secondly, you can always find a company among the brave adventurers! Join a guild of the strongest warriors and become the legend among the other players, form a clan with the closest ones – or just team up with strangers to defeat an extremely powerful monster. In Jade Dynasty MMORPG you will always find a shoulder to lean on. Highlight your outfit Unlike many other games, in Jade Dynasty mobile you can run your imagination with a free choice of customize – and obtain a stylish outfit to stand from the crowd show off your style! some outfits are rare – you need to prove your strength to the god to collect them. Brave hero! What are you waiting for? The adventure starts now! Do you want to know more about our games? Visit our community page!

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