Karate Do

Get working Karate Do cheats for iOS and Android devices. THE FIRST EVER KARATE GAME!!! The epic Karate Do world awaits you. Step into the place where only the chosen ones fight. Gather the wisdom of Sensei through great challenges along, master your skills and become a legend of martial arts. Are you sure you have trained enough? World’s 1st karate game for mobile platforms. World’s 1st fighting game with no energy bars nor virtual joystick. ***Please notice that you may play the game with only one finger while doing one arm push ups with another hand.*** This is an intuitive fighting game based on well-timed actions, with addictive gameplay and unique graphics. Unleash your ninja reflexes and plunge into the authentic world of Karate. Choose your favorite fighter, master the moves, win special prizes and become the ultimate champion! Dominate various epic tournaments, all while building your Karate legacy. UNIQUE COMBAT SYSTEM Feel the addictive and totally authentic combat system. Controls are the simplest tapping on the screen’s halves while the whole magic is happening. Get ready for an infinite fun and both intense and unique experience. TRAIN YOUR CHAMPION The noble Karate league is gathered in the Dojo. Choose from over 20 Karate legends. Vanquish your opponents by learning new kicks and punches, as well as upgrading them to the stunning levels. BECOME A LEGEND AND BE NO 1 IN THE WORLD Don’t let anybody take your no1 position in whether weekly or all time rank list. Invite your friends to compare your forefathers samurai skills. Let everybody meet your inner warrior you are hiding. EXPAND YOUR COLLECTION There is a large amount of equipment which boosts your performances. Unlock chests and win awesome prizes. Collect epic element gloves as well as hybrid legendary Karate Gis. Decide will your warrior be unbeatable by using rare spinning kicks or powerful direct punches. It is limited by your desire to be the best. So, how truly you want it? DOMINATE VARIOUS TOURNAMENTS Test your limits in different game modes. From normal and task given tournaments to never-ending survival battles and intense boss fights. Prepare yourself for the final tournament. NOBLE STORYLINE The storyline is guided by Sensei with respect to this gracious art and sport. Follow the path of his wisdom by overcoming his various challenges on your own way to the top. CONSTRUCT YOUR PERFECT ABILITY QUEUE Combine combat strategies to infinity with choosing from dozen different abilities, while each is upgradeable with following elements: – Water: Upgrades range of your abilities – Wind: Makes you faster – Fire: Gives you strength – Earth: Improves defensive skills Elements are based on paper rock scissors system GAME RULES: • Scoring: – 1 point – gained for all hand punches – 2 points – all kicks in abdomen/back – 3 points – kicks in head and throwing • Winner : – The one who gains more points for 45 seconds – If ended draw, the first who scores golden point – The first who gains 8 points more than opponent • Arena exit is punished with -1 point Follow us: Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/karatedogame Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/play_karatedo/ Report bugs: [email protected]

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