Kaseifusan~Tokimeku Ikemen Dormitory~

Our free tool for hacking Kaseifusan~Tokimeku Ikemen Dormitory~ is finaly available. Game explanation It is an application of Kaseifusan! which is an extremely popular cell phone novel . It meets five original Handsomeness guys, and loves. There is a girl in the men’s dormitory of Handsomeness guys. It is an appearance at an application for smart phone amp tablets!! The application is a dating simulation game for women and its romantic comedy in school of reverse harem. Formation of a full voice by extremely popular voice actors! Enjoy a sweet love in this application! Outline The heroine of the twelfth grade student who lives with an elder brother. One day, its house is suddenly lost in a fire. The heroine livein as a student amp housemother of the Fujisaki school. That Is a school where an uncle acts as a chairman of the board of directors. However, that is men’s dormitory full of Handsomeness guys with a problem!! ?? Character introduction Jin Watanabe CV:Daisuke Kishio He act as the president of student government of a school. Golden selfish lion. Chiharu Igarashi CV:Tsubasa Yonaga He is the mascot existence of a school and is a student council vice president. Silver devilkin rabbit. Taichi Niiyama CV:Tatsuhisa Suzuki Although he is quicktempered but character singleminded at a bashful type. Red stupid monkey. Arashi Kato CV:Tetsuya Kakihara He likes girl very much and he is a student council secretary. Brown erotic dog Atsushi Genda CV:Kenjiro Tsuda He is the kendo division manager and student council accounts. Black silent bear Hardware requirement iOS 5.0 or more iOSs Support 2013kaseifusangmail.com

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