Last Run: Dead Zombie Shooter

Free cheats codes for Last Run: Dead Zombie Shooter. In 2022 California Labs tried to create vaccine for cancer, but something went terrible wrong… Mutated virus came out of the facility. Infected the whole American population and turned humans into ravenous zombies. Army from USA had tried to deal with zombie plague in Florida by dropping nuclear bombs, but the force of undead have only grown in strength. Now, as the one of last survivors of zombie apocalypse you must run through ruins. Find a way to survive and escape from the abandoned city! FEATURES – Explore 50 dangerous levels full of undead enemies! – Choose from 30 deadly weapons! – Customize your hero. Take one from 17 type of clothes and armor to get extra boosts! – Receive extra XP from shooting zombies and value your statistics! – Prove your killing skills in hardcore achievements! HOW TO PLAY Run as fast as you can and shoot hundreds of zombies on the Miami deserted streets. Don’t underestimate your undead enemies! Always try to upgrade your weapons. Optimize your strategy of fighting and shoot all zombies from a safe distance. Be careful to not loss any ammo. Every single bullet can be crucial when comes to brutal war with zombies, one mistake can cost you a life! Remember to collect any special items you can get from somber districts of Miami. Your time is ticking so better run to next safe shelter before the zombie wave will be too stronger! SHOOT TO THE HORDE OF DEAD! Florida is not safe anymore! But there is still hope to stop zombie infestation. Explore debris and ashes of demon city to find zombie blasting powerful guns, tons of ammo and first aid kits. Run to next shelter to increase your chance to survive incoming apocalypse. Stay alive against endless wave. Use all your abilities and special arsenal. On your journey you can meet bunch of monsters: burning creatures, mad dogs and wild abominations of dead corpses. THE DUSK HAS CAME OVER MIAMI – R.I.P. TO ALL DEAD CITIZENS! Thousands of soldiers have fallen fighting against zombie waves. Lengthen their effort and use all powerful weapons they have left. Each of available rifles have 3 levels of upgrades. Change their fire rate, reload time and damage to become perfect runner and undead-terminator! Gain free bonuses and extra Golden Skulls for every experience level-up of your hero. The more you kill walking dead, the more rewards you can achieve. NO COUNTRY FOR WEAK MAN! When virus turned all citizens into ugly zombies your body remain untouched with contagious infection. Now you need to use all your soldiers skills to survive zombie rush. Zombie rush, and another terrible zombie rush… The world’s doom is getting closer with every dead raised from the grave. Head right into the hell gate of the dead to find save place. Hold your finger steady on the trigger and run through the horde of zombies. You are last hope for mankind! STOP ZOMBIE PLAGUE! Immerse yourself in 3d graphic, animations and amazing sound effects. Play the game in story or survival mode and chose your favorite riffle. Shotgun, minigun, legendary AK, Viper, Rot Sweeper, Excavator, Banshee, M16, grenades, Molotov, flamethrower will give you ultimate power to stop enormous zombie plague. Try 3 different type of ammos: regular, piercing and explosive. Use double fire rate, healthy pack and shield to struggle with more powerful enemies. Some parts of the city can be much more dangerous that others. Be brave to unlock special challenging levels! ARE YOU READY TO BE REAL HERO? Endless killing is now your new way of living! Be proud for all of your achievements and shoot zombies to have endless fun. Enjoy unique experience in one of the most immersive action zombie shooter. Win war against horde of zombies. Download Horde of dead NOW and become the last runner in zombie apocalypse! Horde of dead: Zombie Plague is optimized to work smooth on most mobile devices. Official site: Like us on Facebook:

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