Learning Games 4 Toddlers Kids

Learning Games 4 Toddlers Kids cheats for iOS and Android. Working and free. Funny Food: 123 counting! is a sequel to the popular educational application for the youngest learners. By playing with fun fruits and vegetables, your child will train their memory and develop their attention span and logic! Our entertaining characters will help your preschooler learn numbers 1 to 10 as well as count and compare numbers. Thanks to the many hints scattered throughout the game, a preschooler can learn and play without asking parents for help. Funny Food: 123 counting! includes 15 learning games: NUMBER CAKE – Decorate the birthday cake with beautiful frosting numbers! (Teaches how to write numbers.) SHOP – Buy groceries at the shop: count the food and the coins! (Counting 1 to 10.) FUN SHOOTING GALLERY – Shoot at the balloons and learn the numbers! (Develops attention span, reflexes and fine motors skills as well as familiarity with numbers.) MAGIC GARDEN – Grow real vegetables in a miracle-garden and count them! (Teaches how to write numbers and count.) MAKE COOKIES – Bake and share math cookies with cute little animals! (Builds familiarity with numbers.) CAFE – Take orders and feed the animals! (Comparing numbers and amounts.) SPACEPORT – Get a team together for a trip into space! (Teaches simple addition.) FACTORY – Help the animals count and pack their food! (Comparison: more or less.) FUNNY ELEVATOR – Help the funny foods get up to their floor! (Comparing numbers.) PIZZA – Divide the delicious pizza to share with your friends! (Builds familiarity with fractions.) ROLLER COASTER – put the funny fruits and vegetables in the right order for the ride! (Builds familiarity with ordinal numbers.) TELEPHONE – Help your friends talk on the telephone! (Develops attention span and ability to remember numbers.) SPACE TRIP – Steer your ship into open space and help the funny foods travel to far-off planets! (Relative amounts.) LIFEGUARDS – Save the funny foods from a desert island! (Comparing numbers and amounts.) FUN KITCHEN – Cook a delicious dish by the recipe! (Builds familiarity with the concept of a whole and its parts.) Three games are available for free: Number Cake, Shop and Roller Coaster. To access all 15 games, you need to obtain the full version of the application. Mini-games for the application Funny Food: 123 counting! focus on gaining and developing skills that every preschooler needs. Funny Food: 123 counting! is about learning to count, familiarizing children with numbers and giving them their first steps towards math. Funny Food: 123 counting! is an irreplaceable aid for mindful parents. With its help, children will happily learn and develop basic math with ease as they play. Funny Food: 123 counting! includes: -15 educational games in English -Cheerful and colorful pictures -Bright and cheerful animation -Synched English audio -Lively and entertaining characters -Wonderful musical accompaniment -Many different learning games for young children -Preschooler learning tools: logic, memory, speech, imagination -Captivating children’s games and educational tasks for the youngest learners -A clear and convenient interface for children from 3 to 6 years -Great for both girls and boys -Quick development in a fun, light-hearted gaming form -Entirely in English -Learn to count from 1 to 10! -Write numbers all on your own! -Get to know ordinal numbers! -Study fractions! -For ages 3 to 6 -Prepares hands for writing -A unique learning method for the youngest learners -Parental control -No outside advertising -Does not require internet access Funny Food: 123 counting! will help your child learn to count happily and with ease!

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