With our cheats for LogicPicColor unlock premium features for free. IMPORTANT: If you are having clue number problems such that they are invisible, please go to the Options screen. Scroll down to the bottom and change the clue font size to anything, like 101%, or whatever you desire. That should work around this issue until I can develop a proper fix. Thanks. * Please send me an email using the About screen if you experience issues instead of leaving negative feedback on the App Store. I cannot respond to negative feedback nor fix your issue that way. I want to make LogicPicColor the best nonogram puzzle app on the App Store and I need your help to do it. Thanks. A great logic game, also known as picross, nonogram, griddler, paint by number, and picgrid. Reveal the underlying hidden picture by turning on the correct colored pixels based on numerical clues. Remembers your progress for each unfinished puzzle to allow you to continue later on. Very efficient touch interaction to achieve minimum solve times as well as unlimited undo. Includes 30 black-n-white and color puzzles spanning 4 difficulty levels. Additional puzzle packs available as in-app purchases for up to 10,000 more puzzles. There are many griddler style apps out there, but this one is the best. It concentrates on the game play, maximizes screen real estate, efficient touch interaction, and providing a very large puzzle library.

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