Lord of Estera

Free cheats codes for Lord of Estera. Lord of Estera is a Card Battle Game combined with Strategy to rules the mainland. Collect and train your Heroes and smash enemies ahead, hundreds of exciting adventures await, it’s your time to write your name in the history, what destiny will you choose? LOGIN NOW AND CLAIM FREE SSR HERO Lord of Estera – Key Features Upgrade Your Invincible Deck Total of 60 Hero card you can collect with 5 races to build your invincible deck (Human, Undead, Orc, Pirate, and God) and different Rarity level (Elite, Rare, Epic, Legend). Recruit it NOW!!! and Upgrade your Legendary Heroes to Awakening Mode, march enemies ahead to emerge Victory. Build Your Union With Your Friends Invite all your friends to play the game and build the strongest guild in the history of Estera Mainland. Compete in the Arena Against Global Players Ranked Match is one feature of REAL TIME BATTLE to test your strength and abilities against all players on the Land of Estera. Still many more Arena Mode you can try to challenge your enemy from around the world and Claim your throne and get tons of rewards. 24/7 Non-Stop Events Never get bored to participate in exciting events through the Portals! Many available events for you every day to get tons of Free Diamonds and items to Upgrade your power! * Requires a stable internet connection..

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