Lost Stones

Lost Stones cheats codes available for all devices. The goddess Aya used the power of the stones to maintain peace and harmony in this magical floating world. But not even the gods are eternal, and when Aya’s strength ran out, she scattered the six stones across the world with the following prophecy: “The one to gather all six stones, shall be the founder of a new age…” And thus, the “”stone hunters”” came into being. As one of them, how will you change the world…? [Game Features] *Fun Match-3 Game Play! Wield the power of the stones, chain up your attacks, make use of elemental exploits, and defeat your enemies with ease! Go on grand adventures by completing stages! *Your Very Own Base! Build up your base on a floating isle of your very own. Upgrade equipment, research tech, hire companions, and compete with other “”stone hunters”” for a place in the rankings! *Exhilarating Adventure Story! In this beautiful, massive world, travel on airships to visit your friends, explore beautiful landscapes, and experience the beautiful adventure story of the “”goddess’s successor””. Investigate the mysteries of a world of floating isles! *Unique Characters! Over 100 intricately designed characters from different races (humans, beasts, robots and more), with their own back stories and unique traits, help bring the story to life. *Unite And Fight! Get together with “”stone hunters”” from all over the world! Not only do the goddesss’s stones attract hunters, but they also attract ancient beasts that are so powerful that they require a team of stone hunters to defeat. To find out more, like us on the following platforms: Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/LostStonesEN/

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