Lost Temple: Reloaded

Free cheats codes for Lost Temple: Reloaded. Ever since the Three Kingdoms period, tomb raiding has become increasingly popular. As a prevention mechanism and to punish the tomb raiders, the tombs are often embedded with dangerous traps, zombies, ghost brides, and intricate puzzles. When candles are blown out, anything could happen. Worse still, you will have to deal with the most threatening force of all – the human nature. Lost Temple, the most intriguing and thrilling tomb-raiding themed mobile 3D MMORPG on the market. Embody a pro raider through the practice of geomancy, locate ancient tombs, battle with zombies as well as traitors, and last but not least, unearth hidden treasures. A brand-new adventure awaits! Features: ※ Three Classes At Your Disposal Assassin, Warrior, and Gunslinger, which class do you want to play? Learn the unique skills and rise in the ranks to become a master tomb raider. ※ Treasure and Geomancy Grab your Bagua Compass along with Luoyang Shovel, and use your geomancy knowledge to locate the entrance of lost tombs. ※ Unique Underground Adventure Dealing with traps is easy while dealing with zombies is not. Fight or flight, the choice is yours. Also, don’t forget to tame and train pets to fight along your side. ※ Strike It Rich On Black Market Collect and trade valuable antiques on the black market to become rich overnight. ※ 5V5 Combat: A Test of Teamwork Teammates can either help you out or drag you down. Dragon Realm, the 5V5 combat arena, is where teamwork is tested. Unite to win the final prize!

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