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Get working My Drama cheats for iOS and Android devices. Every choice you make matters, and it can change the course of your romance! Dozens of interesting dramas are waiting for you! Current dramas include: OTOUTO SCRAMBLE 2 (The long-awaited sequel of Otouto Scramble!): “I’m actually……thinking of remarrying.” After my mother’s sudden revelation, I have now ended up at the Osaka’s. ……That was what happened last year. Besides, my step-father has four sons so I have suddenly become an elder sister to four younger brothers. Despite not getting along well with my brothers at the start, we have started to gradually deepen our relationship as we spend each day together. And an irreplaceable existence who has my back. Although he is my “brother”, he is more than just a “brother”. I have had a whirlwind of events ever since I started a new life this Spring, and I hope to have some kind of progress with him too… MY DEVIL LOVERS: One day, you find a mysterious black book at an antique book store on the way home from work. Since then, scary accidents occur one after another around you… When you are attacked by a strange man, 4 handsome guys appear in front of you! They say that they are devils and you need to sign a contract with one of the devils if you want to be protected from an evil “Angel”, who is running after you… MY TWIN ROMANCE: One day, you help a rich lady who spilled wine on herself and you are soon hired as a servant in that mansion. Waiting for you in that mansion are various unexpected things that will happen between you and a pair of twins with very unique personalities…! “A commoner like me can’t understand any of this! Is this how celebrities live?!” Same faces but completely different personalities! Your heart is wavered by being between these same two faces! Where would you go from here…? The dramas can be read completely for free by using the drama tickets that will be given to you! My Drama is created by Genius Inc. Genius is an IT startup established in 2014, dedicated to creating “AppDramas”, the most suitable entertainment for smartphones. Now, more than 20 million people all around the world are enjoying AppDramas!

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