Noonkey – Healing Tears

Try our free tool to get unlimited resources for Noonkey – Healing Tears. Clicker crying game ‘Noonkey’ Come and cry as much as you want when you’re tired. It’s OK to cry when you’re sad. Tears cleanse the heart, and create healing energy. Gain healing energy through tap tears, and grow the main character, Noona’s, happiness tree If tapping is difficult, you can call on the healing fairy, and you can gain quicker when you use tear skills. Experience the healing power of tears with Noonkey. (Guide to playing game) 1. Easy playing method Tap Tears -> Healing Power Creation -> Level Up -> Fairy Birth -> Level Up -> Tree Growth 2. How to get free gems (1) Continue to acquire 10 pieces in 5-minute increments from the Gift Box (2) Watch a short video in stores and get 20 gems (3) Watch a short video from the gift box that the bird drops and get 20 gems (4) Achieve 20 ~ 50 gems after completing a quest * Ads is available 25 times a day. If you’ve watched all 25 ads, you can watch them again the day after. And, sometimes the ads system is temporarily unavailable if it is not ready to work rarely. 3. How to deal with rack symptoms (1) Please press the Gift Box once at a time. Data is stored securely and overload symptoms are improved while giving you free gifts. (2) Please enjoy a bit slowly. If you keep tapping quickly for a long time without resting, your smartphone may be overloaded because it is like a computer.

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