Office Zombie

Try our free tool to get unlimited resources for Office Zombie. You don’t have to be an Office Jerk fan to love Office Zombie: the undead hit, where a casually funny zombie apocalypse meets the 9 to 5 office grind. Use your makeshift arsenal to torment Zombie, just like old times! Grab whatever you have nearby: an explosive teddy bear, a rusty saw blade, your trusty hatchet, or even a Cadaver Heart to torment the undead Jerk to death – or should we say, undeath! Throw tons of objects that will ruin even the toughest Zombie’s day! * MP3 Player(LATEST ITEM) * Canned Meat * Unlucky, Four-Leaf Clover * Pulsing, Pussing Cadaver Heart * Trusty Chainsaw * Monstrous, Man-Eating Plant * Flaming Molotov Cocktail * Rusty Saw Blade * Prickly Potted Cactus * Handy Bear Trap * Shiny Hatchet * Cuddly Teddy Bear * Slimy Undead Squid …and more! Or, aim for the Anvil and see if you can help Zombie make his “deadlines”! Complete daily challenges, collect daily rewards and take a stab at finishing everything in the Zombie Destruction Checklist. It’s awesome-spooky fun for everyone! ◊ Pelt Zombie with 25+ items ◊ Crack Zombie’s head with an Anvil ◊ Complete the Zombie Destruction Checklist ◊ Earn Daily Rewards ◊ Complete Daily challenges ◊ Enjoy awesome-spooky fun for everyone! Play Office Zombie today! “Like” Office Zombie on Facebook – Get FREE Eyeballs when Office Zombie gets 20,000 “Likes” on the Facebook fan page. ___________________________ Office Zombie is brought to you by Fluik Entertainment, makers of wicked-fun mobile games such as Office Jerk, Grumpy Bears and Plumber Crack. Search the App Store for “Fluik” to browse all our games. Follow @FluikGames on Twitter for awesome game announcements and other updates. NOTE: To help keep Office Zombie awesome, please send any bug reports or complaints directly to us, instead of posting them in your app reviews. We can’t respond directly to app reviews, so it’s hard for us to help you with your problem or issue. You can post all your bugs or suggestions on our Facebook fan page,, or email them to us at [email protected]

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Instructions – How To:

How to use general Office Zombie hack generator

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  2. Read instructions on page and lick on “Hack Now” red button.
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