Presidents Quizzer

Presidents Quizzer hack tool available for free. How much do you know about the Presidents of the United States? Play this fun, quick-fire quiz game to learn who they were and how they changed the world. Answer correctly before time runs out, or it’s game over! Gradually improve your knowledge of history, and prove to your friends that you’re the ultimate US patriot! “Loads of fun! – I’m having a grand time finding out what I know and don’t know while learning all the time. A+” – 5/5 stars “I play it every day!!! Fab!!!” – 5/5 stars “It’s fun!! – Very nice and really fun to play!” – 5/5 stars “So super fun and challenging! I almost expected it to be too easy and uninteresting. Love it!!” – 5/5 stars “My 9 year old son loves this game!” • How well do you know the US Presidents and their history? Become a professional! • Learn to identify the Presidents and Vice Presidents from their photograph. • Answer general knowledge questions about the Presidents, and the United States as a whole. • Teach yourself which political party the Presidents are loyal to. • Learn the birth places of notable US politicians. • Improve your knowledge of the geography of the US, including State capitals and the biggest cities. • Power-ups! Use “Freeze” to stop the timer, “Skip” to jump to the next question, and “Remove” to blast away a wrong answer! • A patriotic audio track accompanies detailed graphics and animations. • 7 free game modes, with 9 more available as an upgrade.

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