PsychiXX ~Mystic Love~

It’s free and it works. Get today our hack tool for PsychiXX ~Mystic Love~. PsychiXX, IT’S THE MOST EXCITING AND THRILLING ROMANCE SIM GAME EVER! Experience a new sensation with thrilling and heart pounding love stories with men of the supernatural powers. The vivid and realistic narrative made the scene alive and you get inevitably drawn into the story without noticing. It features dramatic love stories, mysteries, but also fun aspects such as dressing up your avatar as charming as you can and so forth. Whilst you enjoy romance with different characters in each story, you simultaneously discover mysteries which lie behind throughout the entire story. And all the more, the beautiful characters try to sweep off your feet in various ways. Whose love do you find it more attractive? You know, they are all ONE OF A KIND. Why not experience the blissful moments with the most beloved character you choose without anybody getting in your way. ■Character Profiles ・Naotake Kiryu Belongs to Suira A Captain in the Criminal Investigation Division Ivy League Graduate A man of few words, sharp-tongued, Cool and Wild Chose this career as a detective with an ulterior motive. The man whom the heroine got inspired by. ・Kaoru Jyosako Belongs to Hihou The commander-in-chief of Chatrade Group, the group which benefits in trading business. Cynical and sarcastic. Aloof and shrewd yet sensitive Mysterious, has secrets in the past ・Kei Murasame “Prophet” Despite the gentle disposition, he has great power. A mysterious, beautiful man who knows the heroine’s secret. Calls the heroine princess. A key person in determining the heroine’s fate. ・Yusuke Tsukimori Works under Kiryu in the Criminal Investigation Division Younger colleague of the heroine Frivolous, mischievous and charmer. He is saucy with the heroine, yet it may be a sign of his interest in her. Adores Kiryu like a real brother. ・Raiji Odo A bodyguard, He belongs to Chatrade Group Self-confident, perverse and extremely sadistic. There is something special about his relationship with Jyosako. ・Takuya Hioki Heroine’s neighbor Lives in a flat in the same compound as the heroine. Has known the heroine for seven years. Sociable and a bit chicken Though he is older than the heroine, he acts like a younger brother. Works as a manager at a cafe. ・Shiori Nojyo Heroine’s colleague Works under Kiryu with the heroine, started career as a police officer same year as the heroine. Tsundere character who teases woman he likes Had studied computer sciences at a university in the states. ・Takaaki Narisawa Man of the Dark Side Generate destructive power from hatred, jealousy and other negative virtue. Cold-blooded brute, an arrogant sadist. Yet, may be closely connected with the heroine… ・Mikio Reizei Another “Prophet” An omniscient An enigma ――――――Story Line――――――――――――――― It was another ordinary day off, I encountered bizarre serial murders. Whose victims all carry peculiar wounds. As I pursuit the incident, I come across the presence of people with incomprehensible abilities. Evil hands try to trap me. There existed secrets which one could never have anticipated. Conspiracy, love and various by-ends of the characters intricately intertwine. PsychiXX is a magnificent romance suspense which you never want to miss! ――――――――――――――――――――― Playing is easy. 1. Start the app and press “Start the story”. 2. You get to go on with the story using tickets, five of them you receive everyday automatically. 3. The ending of the story will depend on the choices you make in the story. It’s you who determine what’s going to happen to the heroine in the end. A spin-off namely “Secret Story” is included. You can enjoy playing with a cute avatar and other fun stuff in the game. Also, you get to win Silvers by exchanging “Hellos” or fighting “Battle” with friends ■Recommended for those ・Who loves otome games ・Who is the beginner of the romance sims. ・Who is busy everyday, but wishes to feel romantic at hand. ・Who wishes to play games for free.

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