Pummel A Politician

Get free hack for Pummel A Politician. Want to smash your most hated politician in a fun whackamole type game? Do you want to take out your political frustrations out on your favorite political villains? Pummel A Politician is a fun new thumb whack game that is similar to the vintage game WhackAMole. However, as the name implies, in this hilarious hammer smash version you get to pummel your favoritemost disliked politicians. If you are up for some smackin, start one of the most hilarious smacking politician games! DEMOCRATS VS REPUBLICANS To make this game more personal, you can select which political party and which respective politicians you want to inflict virtual pain to. We all know that some times politicians say or do something that pisses us off! Then there are the politicians we literally cant stand. Now its the time to release that anger in this humorous offline politician game. Whether you want to whack Donald Trump, whack Obama or maybe thumb smash Biden, this is the fun way to do it! HOW TO PLAY THIS POLITICIAN SMASH TAP GAME The base version of our whack politician game free install comes with 5 democrat and 5 republican characters. To initiate the pummel smack game, you need to simply select the political party you want to pummel. Once selected, a character from the opposite party is autopopulated into the game ie, Trump populates if youve selected to pummel democrats and Pelosi populates the game if you selected that you want to pummel Republicans. The player then selects the 5 characters they want to pummel by touching them. Once the 5 respective characters have a red circle around them, the characters will populate the game. The heads will then drop down underground and then the game clock will commence. The object of the pummel amp smacking game is to pummel the politicians you chose to try to achieve the best score possible. You score 5 points for each tap example if you whack Obama, but if you hit the prepopulateddefaulted character for example you pummel slap Trump you will lose 5 points. So watch out, dont crash the politicians you love! You can tap the characters multiple times while the head is exposed, allowing you to score more quickly. So, focus, fast taps amp whacks, while avoiding to whack your favorite politicians is what matters the most. How much can you score in 60 seconds? Can you win our upcoming tournaments? Stay tuned. WHACK THE REPORTERS TOO If you are tired of fake news and some opposing media reporters, smack the news reporters too. They appear briefly in the background. If you tap the reporter in time, you will earn 25 bonus points. Dont forget to pummel them too! EXCITING PACE amp UNIQUE PATTERNS The running time for each round is 60 seconds. Each game you play is unique as the algorithm changes the pattern and frequency of the characters appearing. The characters are loaded with funny sound effects to add more humor to the game. PREMIUM FEATURES There are 2 upgrades that players can choose to implement: 1. Additional Characters a. As noted above, the base game comes with 5 democrats and 5 republicans. For a small fee, the player can add 5 more characters from both parties. 2. Tournament Mode a. Tournament Mode will come soon and this option allows players to compete for monthly prizes. Download the most exciting new finger smacking politician game! Get Pummel A Politician the ultimate whack crash pop game now for free.

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