Puzzle Catcher

Want cheats codes for Puzzle Catcher you are on the right place. Inspired by suncatchers, tangrams, and quilting, Puzzle Catcher is a bright and vibrant tile game that celebrates the simple beauty of mosaic art. Enjoy the view as colorful glass tiles are spun into place, revealing the fun of creativity and the joy of getting it just right. Unlock and explore the many lighthearted levels. From whimsical characters and geometric designs to geeky science stuff and monster trucks, there is something for everyone! Play casual to relax after a hard day, or spark some excitement with challenge mode. It’s your choice: make the levels look good, beat the clock, or really show off and do both at the same time! It’s a simple game with surprising depth that’s easy to learn but hard to master. With its classic design and focus on the future, Puzzle Catcher is handcrafted for everyone to enjoy for generations to come. Features: -Tile Shapes: triangles, blocks, interlocking and more! -High Replay Value: countless tile combinations -Zap tiles to blow them up -Casual Play and Challenge modes -Includes Brilliance Pack (15 free levels) -Playable demos for all premium board packs -Color Blind Mode: built right in & toggle in real-time -Screen Brightness Controls: play outside in the sunlight -iPhoneX resolution support About BlitWise: Michael P. Welch runs his indie game studio in Upstate New York, USA, and has written well-known games such as Scorched Tanks, DX-Ball, and Pocket Tanks. BlitWise takes the long view on what it means to be a game developer and is keenly focused on writing games from scratch that are built to stand the test of time.

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