Puzzle Connect – Puzzledom

With our cheats for Puzzle Connect – Puzzledom unlock premium features for free. Puzzle Connect is a easy-to-learn connecting dots puzzle game with 550 levels. You need to finding paths to connect dots in a grid. All the spaces should be filled. this is a simple game involving connecting dots with the same color. Puzzle Connect is one of the most addictive dots games.It have block puzzles. You should pair all dots, and cover the entire board to solve each puzzle. Puzzle Connect is 100% free to play. Have fun with this dots game! Puzzle Connect is the best way to make the boredom disappear and develop problem-solving skills and enhance creativity and coordination. HOW TO PLAY 1. Pair up all the matching dots 2. All the cells in the grid are filled. 3. LINEs can’t branch off or cross over each other. FEATURES 1. Tons of manually designed levels  2. Colorful Dots and UI  3. 7 different board sizes 4. Musical Sound Effects  5. Free 100 coins, at the first game 6. Simple design and colorful graphics

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