RC Plane Explorer

RC Plane Explorer cheats codes available for all devices. From the creators of the RC Plane and Heli series, RC Plane Explorer brings : Realistic RC Plane physics, huge scenarios (8X8 Kms) to explore and generate, a vast selection of planes and quadcopters, realtime day/night cycle, customisable wind and thermal currents simulation, and graphics pushing the limits of iOS devices are the signature elements of RC Plane Explorer ! Built over the solid physics simulation of RC Plane 3, and sharing all vehicles with it, RC Plane Explorer introduces a whole new and fully custom procedural terrain engine allowing virtually infinite scenarios for you explore and customise. Free Flight and exploration are the core elements of the gameplay, and while more adrenalinic game modes will come in the near future, RC Plane Explorer already rewards players with score for the each area of the map he explores, each animal species he discovers (tap on an animal to “discover it”) and each “secret coin” he collects (a few will be hidden in each scenario you generate). Large score bonuses will be granted for competition of some exploration aspects (EX: reveal 100% of the map, discover all animal species etc) . Scenarios are fully procedural and biome based with more biomes coming in the future. One of the many goals of this project was to reduce the very large download and install size of RC Plane 3, and we are happy to say that RC Plane Explorer is less than 1/5 the download and install size of RC Plane 3, while bringing larger scenarios to fly over, more animals, more biomes , denser vegetation and a much better performances. We have been working on, thinking about, planning and finally implementing our new Scenario/Terrain engine since quite a few years, and while already impressive, we have many plans to extend and improve it in the future, so expect a constant stream of improvements both in current biomes and in future ones. Debuting in RC Plane Explorer, and suggested by many users, is the possibility to “test” a plane without the need to purchase it, as long as “reward videos” will be available you will will be able to try all planes that previously required an in-app purchase. Now with “Photo Studio” mode: freeze time, tweak camera settings, customise effects and save or share gorgeous high rest screenshots of your flight adventures ! *** We hope you will enjoy RC Plane Explorer, and please don’t be shy, we immensely appreciate any suggestion, feedback, comment, idea, bug report, critic etc… email us [email protected], contact us on our Facebook page (FrozenPepper), Twitter (FrozenPepper), via the comments on our website or any other way you prefer.

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