With our cheats for (R)evolve unlock premium features for free. Play Revolve, the winner of 2014s Great British Game Jam FOR FREE! Life is evolving on an alien planet and its your job to protect it! Weather a constant bombardment of meteorites from outer space, spin the planet to save its inhabitants and evolve and spread life. The more life you can evolve and the longer you can keep it alive, the higher your score will be! CUTE AND COLOURFUL ALIENS Play well and your planet will be teeming with green three eyed monsters! FAST PACED TWITCH GAMEPLAY Those meteorites travel fast, spin the planet around to avoid the danger and keep your alien population alive and growing. SIMPLE CONTROL SYSTEM Simply tap the left and right sides of the screen to rotate the planet. BEAUTIFUL RETINA DISPLAY GRAPHICS Revolve looks great, with beautiful HD graphics that take full advantage of retina displays. GAME CENTER SUPPORT Log in with Game Center and post your high scores to the online leaderboards. Beat friends and strangers alike to climb to that coveted No.1 spot! Revolve was prototyped in just 48 hours, as Team17s entry into 2014s Great British Game Jam. The game came in first place, winning the competition! The theme for the competition was resilience our take on this being that the evolving life was resilient to the dangers posed. Keep up to date with the latest news and games from Team17: Facebook: Team17 Twitter: Team17Ltd Web: www.team17.com

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