Sidekick Cycle

Free cheats codes for Sidekick Cycle. MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN A CHILD’S LIFE BY PLAYING SIDEKICK CYCLE When you make an in-app purchase in Sidekick Cycle, you help Global Gaming Initiative deliver bikes to disadvantaged children. Download, play and make a difference today! “Sidekick Cycle a fun, socially conscious mobile game” – USA TODAY “Tap and swipe for a good cause…Global Gaming Initiative wants to elevate games to a higher purpose.” – NY TIMES “Sidekick Cycle is a different approach to gamification for charity, as Sidekick Cycle exists as a game with good mechanics first and a teaching tool second.” – Sidekick Cycle is the most exhilarating “downhill” style gameplay experience ever for iOS. Use your skills to brave hazardous terrain, while heroically delivering bikes to kids in need. Enhance your ride with an assortment of helpful Sidekicks, then push it to the breaking point as your hurtle at top speed through treacherous terrain filled with gravity-bending jumps and all that Mother Nature can throw at you! GAME FEATURES • TONS OF LEVELS! Barrel down more than 70 vertigo-inducing, tire-shredding tracks across the rugged, untamed terrain of North America and Africa • INSANE TRICKS! Push yourself to the limit and pull off gravity-defying tricks and flips for bonus points and coins to spend on upgrades • SUPER-CHARGED SIDEKICKS! Grab a Sidekick – animal friends with ferocious powers to help you reach the finish line in one piece • CUSTOMIZE YOUR BIKE! Personalize your ride with a mountain of choices from a variety of rider gear and bikes • GAMECENTER AND FACEBOOK ENABLED! Leaderboards and achievements #changeinyourpocket

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Instructions – How To:

How to use general Sidekick Cycle hack generator

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