Spartania: Casual Strategy!

Spartania: Casual Strategy! cheats for iOS and Android. Working and free. In an age of war and chaos, after the defeat to the Persian military in the historical battle of Thermopylae, the ancestors of the famous Spartan fighters embark on a quest to conquer the world and regain their honor as the best fighters of all times. Set in the ancient City of Spartania, the Spartan fighters train their military in the secret magical art of Spartan warfare. Now the Spartania clan of fighters, led by its commander (that’s you!) commence on a quest to vanquish armies worldwide and reclaim their place in history as the most courageous and fearless fighters to ever walk the earth. Build and fight your way to glory in Spartania! A combination of action, strategy and magic, this game requires you plan how to barricade your defenses (don’t just build everything you can in a random order) and plan your attacks carefully (just sending every soldier you have won’t cut it) in order to make your commander – THE COMMANDER. Game Features: * Free action charged strategy game – strategy based warfare. * Play as either a male or a female commander. * Build your military into an unbeatable force * Raise your own military of Fighters, Archers, Horsemen, Sorcerers and more * Battle with players worldwide and vanquish them to take their Gold, Food and Trophies * Challenge your friends to see who has the best military * Build and upgrade lots of unique units with multiple levels of upgrades * Discover your favorite attack forces from countless combinations of units. * Choose your favourite barricade formation from multiple combinations of Catapults, Archer Towers, Fighters and more. * Barricade your military against any incoming attack * See how you do in comparison to other players worldwide in Game Center Achievements and Ranking * Awesome graphics and adorable characters. * Watch battle replays to improve your strategy Train legions of powerful fighters and lead a military of the most skilled soldiers on the battlefield to vanquish your foes (or your friends!) – fight to the top and become the greatest commander worldwide. Barricade your military from foreign invaders, raid and vanquish enemy armies to collect gold and food for your military. Upgrade your commander, fighters and barricades and get all the fighting power you need in this awesome quest for honor and glory. So, what are you waiting for?! Join the legendary Spartan fighters on their quest to prove their worth through exciting battles!

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